Eve Hearts blog post top 5 of 2014

It's been a wonderful year. I've done so many things and shared it with you guys.
I really enjoyed making the DIY's and photo moodimpressions.  But these are the top 5 blogposts that you've loved the most in 2014. A year I'll never forget.

"The start of my sleeve."

"Whitening my teeth."

"DIY - Drawing Mandala's"

"eBay Haul"

"Review Silk'n Sonic Clean Plus"



Crazy Factory Haul

Some of you may have noticed I downsized my lobes to 6 mm. I just took them out on holiday and put the smaller ones back in when I was back in Holland. I really like this size and how it looks, not too big, not too small and you can still see through them. Anyway I only had 2 pair and a taper in this size so I had to buy a few pairs more off course ;) All items bought on crazy-factory.com.

Dreads In Motion

Een video die is geplaatst door Eveline (@evedreadss) op


Club du Vin

Every few months my lovely friend Nadien who I have known for forever organizes a wine tasting evening for friends. She's been doing that since 2011 and it's always a good time. 


Seven Sins | Beauty Blogger Style

In my trip to Tuscany I was tagged by Floor do the Seven Sins Beauty Blogger Style Tag. I totally forgot and now 11 weeks later I suddenly remembered, so let's do this! Thanks for tagging me Floor, I love tags!


eBay Haul #2

These are the things I bought the past month.
Still waiting on some stuff so there will be a follow up.
Most items have free shipping.



Action Haul

This week I went to Action and got a bunch of goodies.
Want to know what's in store and what I bought? Click the link below.
Prices are per piece.


Autumn Essentials

All scarves and beanies are €7,99
Sweater €19,99 
All items are H&M


Tuscany Trip - Day 4 "Vinci"

Streets of Vinci the city where Leonardo da Vinci was born 
and where we visited two museums of him.

Mimmo Paladino 
"Una piazza per Leonardo"
"A square for Leonardo"

Tiny mirrors.

Various mosaics.

Overview of the square.

Platonic shape.

With a head.

Intriguing shapes.

And even more sides were added.

Mario Ceroli.

View from the tower at the museum of Leonardo da Vinci.

View of me.

Slush Puppy!