Dreadlock update 2 months

So these two babies are my dreads. This picture was taken on the 17th of December 2013.
At that point they were 2 months old and going crazy as you can see. Ha Ha!
I was scared if they were not turning out the I wanted to be, so I combed them out half.
Now the craziness is gone. I wil post a picture of how they look monthly.

I used the twist and rip method. I know when they mature they shrink but i didn't think they
would turn out the way I wanted to. Maybe I'll use the backcomb-crochet method on new
dreads in the future.


  1. Oh Eve Hearts welcome welcome in de blogwereld. Kan niet wachten tot je beroemd wordt zodat je ook mij beroemd kan maken. Much love en keep up the good work! Love to smell on your ear sometime. Love L.