Dreadlock update #3

Hey guys!
So it's the 17th of January, time for my dreadlock update. 3 months has passed since I've started my dreadjourney. They have given me some good times and bad ha ha. Sooo itchy! But now I'm getting used to the feeling. Though they are a little bit frizzy, I like them a lot.

Last time I told you that i combed them half out. I was hoping that they would lock up by them selves the last month, but sadly they didn't. So this morning I braided them for fun, I'm kinda liking it this way too. A loose braid so they can still move around if they want to. Funny that I think of them as my babies ha ha. I'm thinking of naming them George and Fred because they are doing what they like. Lumps and bumps oh my, but I don't want to crochet-hook them. I believe locking up is a natural progress and crochet-hook and wax etc. won't help but restrain them. Offcourse I'm no expert in the dreadlockworld, so if you want to do it different, do it.

Here are some close ups.

I want them to be like rope but I think I'll have to wait 9 more months when they mature. Maybe I'll have a full head of dreads by then!
If you are new to dreads and you want good advice go to http://www.lazydreads.com/
Chris makes a lot of Q&A videos, that are really helpful.

Thank you for your time,
Eve heartss all of you!

P.S. If you want to see me in Chris' "Collaborative Dreadlocks Timeline" video click play down below.

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