Stretching update 2 months

Sooo this is what my earlobes look like. The gauges are 2 months old and 5 mm (which should be approx. a size 4g) big. I can go to a bigger size on the 20th of January because at that point they should be healed by then. When I started stretching my ears at the first time, they did hurt a bit. Now when I put in a bigger size it just stings a little for an hour or two. I started with a 2,4mm (which should be approx. a size 10g) taper and just left it in for the whole month, maybe not how to do it right but it worked for me.
Maybe you think that a size 10 is big for beginners but in my case I was pierced with a piercinggun on my 5th, so my ears were a lot bigger by the years of wearing lots and lots of earrings. I kinda like the process of gauging my earlobes. I think it's interesting to see them grow. I can see through them now :-) I use Argan oil after almost every shower to moisturize my skin and to heal my skin faster. I notice that it helps them gain their flexibility back. And if you want to know my goal size is 10mm (00g)
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take care & stay tuned!

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