Stretching update 6mm/2g

Today I stretched my ears to a bigger size. I went from 5 to 6mm (4 to 2g) and boy, did it hurt. Well the actual part of pushing the taper in didn't hurt that bad, but i couldn't get the plugs in. I tried like 8 times or so and at the point i thought well let's put some tape around it, my ears were as red as Rudolph's nose.
Sadly I have only one taper so i couldn't left the tapers in. Just bite your teeth and push it through.
I've filmed it so if you want to see me in excruciating pain ;) click play.

Thank you for your time,
Eve  all of you!

Here is my instagram photo i took right after I got the plugs in. Look how red my ear is! ha ha.

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