I'm so broke at the moment.
We bought a new car and some other stuff I didn't need. Money flew right out my purse ha ha. You know it doesn't help either that I got my December money a week earlier. All gone now... And I want to buy so much ha ha... Anyway don't get me wrong I'm happy with the things I have and am grateful for the love I receive from my friends and family. Truly blessed with the best...
But sometimes you have the urge to spend some money or actually..
A Lot.

Most likely I don't even going to get the half of it, but this were some things going round in my head. I think the rocking chair is really cool but I don't have the room nor a baby for it ha ha so I will probably going to get it in a few years. I really need  that toothbrush though, my other ones charger deceased.

M.A.C. lipstick speaks for itself, but this particular color is just like a unicorn putting a rainbow over your lips and then a kisses it with stardust. But if I can't get the M.A.C. one I just take the Revlon ones. Want to try those out also.One of my new years resolutions is to eat more veggies. So I want to buy a blender that makes it easier to take in. Definitely want to try some kale smoothies.
The Pokémon shirt is just awesome, I played the game a lot on my Gameboy back in the days. I had the blue one and my friend the red so we could catch them all. At a certain point I had to stop cause I didn't do any homework anymore. However, I knew the Pokérap completely, funny hmm?

So that concludes my wishlist.
What do you guys want to have really badly?

Let me know! Leave a comment down below.
Thank you for your time,
I really appreciate it
Eve heartss all of you!

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