Wreck This Journal

I bought this journal today. Maybe you've seen it before. I saw Bunny rave about it in her video on YouTube. She said it was fun to do and she wanted to share her thoughts and show her results. She made me all excite about it and so I went immediately to my nearest bookshop to buy it. Sadly they didn't have the English version so I will translate the sentences for you guys.

For example let me show you this page. It says: Fill this page with circles. So you can simply fill it in with circles. But you can go a little further and more outside the box with this one. Maybe you have a lot of elastic bands to glue to it or maybe your cup of coffee is leaking and you could stamp it on the page. You can go as crazy as you like. I find it surprisingly very comforting to finally step out of the neatfreak-fase that I've always had when it comes to stationary things. I want to make this a ongoing progress and I will show some pages when I'm done.

Thank you for your time,
Eve all of you!

If you are just as excite as I am and you would like to buy it.
Go Here!

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