Whitening my teeth.

Yes I know, my teeth are yellow. And I wanted to do something about it. We don't have tooth whitening systems (that actually work, because the working parts in the gels are prohibited) where I live so I ordered it from eBay. I got the Plus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening System. The package contains a whitening gel, a mouth tray and a post rinse. 

I never whitened my teeth before but I had some fluoride treatments when I was a kid and I had multiple moldings for my braces, so I remember how to work with the horrible mouth trays. 
Breathe through your nose! Don't swallow the gel! Aargh.

Left:  #1 Never bleached before Middle: #2 15 minutes Right: #3 10 minutes

The taste is not bad if you keep to the five minute standard. I started with brushing my teeth and flossing really good. Then I opened the cap from the gel. What a disaster. The pressure of the plane (because the packet came from America) caused a surge of gel on my hand and was completely under gunk. I managed to get some gel from my hand on my teeth but not as precisely as I did the second time. The first time I left the tray in for about 15 minutes and the second for about 10 minutes. The first time I saw little difference, the second time I kind of see a little difference in the front teeth.

So today I  bleached my teeth for the third time, and I begin to master the technique. This time I left the tray in for 15 minutes and now I see for myself that my teeth have a lighter shade. Yaaay!!!
For now I stop bleaching my teeth because their must be a reason why they don't sell it over here...

Another 15 minutes #4

I would definitely buy this product again, because it works for sure.

Thanks for reading this article,
Hugs! ❤


Bucket List

I have a new ongoing adventure for you guys. And its called my bucket list. I'm going to put all my dreams on this blog, helping me to fulfill these great and small wishes of mine. Once I fulfill an item I will talk about it in a blog post. It's not a huge list for now, but that will change in the future when I come up with new items. The list will be on the home page of this blog, right below my tags list on the left.

So this is my bucket list at the moment.

  • Dance in the rain
  • Demolish a wall with a sledgehammer
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Improve my English
  • Move to a new place
  • Going to the movies, alone
  • Staying awake for a day


Cleaning out my closet

I had a week off and we weren't going anywhere so I decided to clean out my closet. While I was listening to Asking Alexandria (nice) I folded my sweaters. I used a paper to measure the desired distance, so that they were all the same size. It took a long time but in the end it is worth it. Because now you can fold the next one on top of the other easily.

Next up were the shirts. I'm a bit OCD about the buttons. They have to be all right on top of the other. 
You can see them in the very back. You can see my obsession too in the cardigans. ha ha

I just simply looooove my TMNT sweater! Donatello is watching me all day everyday.
Here is a picture of the other folded area. It is organised in the order of cold to warm. So from top to bottom are tank tops, t-shirts, t-shirts with print, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves. Then the trousers separated by style. Leggings, Treggings, 5 pockets, Chinos and Harem. 

After the folding part I sorted my bracelets. Silver, gold and color. The other basket contains all of my indoor headpieces. The other picture shows my collection of earrings that I not wear right now because of my plugs. Under the earrings are my necklaces. I love that its now organized again and saves some time searching for the right one that matches an outfit perfectly.


And last but not certainly least, my closet in our bedroom. I wanted something clean looking. The whole time I thought I was weird because I made a denim department in our bedroom. But I like how it turned out. My boyfriend and I are searching for a new house, so this is all temporary. If we had to stay here for a longer time I would make the floors lighter and buy all nice stuff, but for now I'm loving what my boyfriend made.

Thank you for your time,
I hope you love this post.
Hugs ❤


Stretching update 8mm/0g

I cheated. Today is stretching day and  I´ve already put my plugs in yesterday. And boy did it hurt. Aaargh!!!  I´ve never felt this pain before. A throbbing pain that just can´t be stopped than pulling your plugs out, but you can´t do that, otherwise you´ve put the taper in for nothing.
It was around 9 p.m. that I managed to get them in. I should have put them in while I was still in the shower. Stupid. I will put a reminder in my phone for the next time. Now I had to take some aspirin to get to sleep. Such a crybaby I am. ha ha
It is remarkable that I had no problems with my new earrings, I thought that they had to cause me more pain but they did not hurt at all. They are still a bit red and swollen but I can touch them again. It's nice to see that your body recovers so fast.

The leopard plugs I´m wearing are from crazy-factory.com

I can´t wait to wear my white tunnels but they seem a little too big on the edges. I think I will have a lot of space but maybe I can trim them a bit only on the backside.

Thank you for your time,
Hugs ❤


Dreadlock update #4

4 months old dreads

1 week old dreads

Thank you for your time,
Hugs ❤



I like to believe that I'm good at decorating, but sadly I'm not. My mom and my mom-in-law are way much better at it and I did not inherited the decorating genes.
When I walk in to their houses is like walking in to a decorating magazine, so nicely put together. It's easy to lose track of time staring at the beautiful nooks. Wondering how they did that.

Last Friday when I had my dentist appointment I went afterwards to a store called "Action" which is full of (as my boyfriend would call it) junk. Heaven to me ha ha. And I bought some really nice stuff.
I bought the jar with a rose in it and I like the fact that it's pink. I didn't buy pink in a long time because I always thought that my boyfriend didn't liked it, but he is kind of okay with it.

The picture in the back has to go. It is a framed poster of Pulp Fiction and I liked it at the time very much but I'm bored with it for now. Does anyone know a good poster shop online because I like to put something back there. We have a picture of Gustav Klimt "wasserschlangen" hanging on an other wall and I like the vibrant colors of that piece very much.

I also got the glass bell which reminds me of the movie "Beauty and the Beast". I love that movie. Right behind it is a framed quote of Bob Marley.

“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, 
and the two of you will never be perfect. 
But if he can make you laugh at least once, 
causes you to think twice, 
and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, 
hold onto him and give him the most you can. 
He isn’t going to quote poetry, 
he’s not thinking about you every moment, 
but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. 
Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, 
and don’t expect for more than he can give. 
Don’t analyze. 
Smile when he makes you happy,
 yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. 
Love hard when there is love to be had. 
Because perfect guys don’t exist, 
but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.”

I have another framed quote that Kandee Johnson says in some of her YouTube video's. When I'm sad I read it and it makes me feel better.

"Always remember 
you are braver than you believe, 
stronger than you seem, 
smarter than you think 
& twice as beautiful 
as you'd ever imagined."

This is our friend Chester we bought him at a charity shop that sells furniture, clothes, books and decoration material for Romania. When we saw this chair we couldn't believe that it was only 30 euro. A bargain and we had to take him home. The leather is dry and old but I like that and he's still comfortable. I got the "Do what you love. Love what you do" pillow from the Actionstore, and the fluffy one is from H&M Home. 

This chest is also from the charity shop for Romania and the Jack Sparrow jar (of dirt ;)) is from the Actionstore. I'm planning on filling it with sand from the beach so that it's really a jar of dirt. 

It's rainy outside. I like rain. It washes away all of my worries and makes me calm.
I'm not weird, there's a name for it i'm a pluviophile :) ha ha.

Thanks for reading this,
I will see you guys next time.


Valentine's day

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to a sushi restaurant as a surprise for Valentine's day. We had a blast and we needed it to get out of the house for once. After 8,5 years of being together you have to find ways to keep things exciting. We had several rounds of sushi's and handrolls. And now to make you jealous here's a pic of what came in to my stomach.

Today I went to the dentist and I'm literately afraid of everything related to dentisty things. And when I came there I found out that the substitute of my dentist was working today and that freaked me out even more. I did know that my dentist was retiring but I never realized that this morning. But all went well, she's adorable and very friendly. I came out so happy but with a fat lip. ha ha

And because I was so happy I decided to get my ears pierced. Now they are even on both sides again. Yaaay! Except for my industrial ;)
Didn't hurt at all. It's weird how pain works, I mean I freak out over drills in my mouth but when a needle pierces my ears i hardly feel anything. Now the six weeks of sleeping on one side begins. The struggle.

I bought a bunch of decorating stuff too but I will show you that in a another blogpost. The one thing I will show you is a 4 euro watch that I found in a store called "Action" it's super cute. It's Mater from Cars. I love him. He's funny and sweet and cracks me up every time I want to know the time. It was supposed to be a child size and it fits me perfectly. Weird, I don't think that a child could actually wear this. Hmm. Strange.

When I came home I took pictures of myself  as some before pictures for when I want to dread my whole hair. I set up the camera with a tripod and this was new for me. Let's say it took a while before I was shooting. I use a Canon 550D and i'm still trying to get the settings right. Anybody out there that knows a few magic tricks? Let me know!

Hey you can see my new dreads on the left side, nice.
Anyway, I hope you have a very nice valentine's day.
Thanks for reading this
I will see you guys next time.


My future tattoo

About a week ago I had a work meeting in Rotterdam. Before and after the meeting I had some spare time so before I shopped a bit. And after the meeting I went to a tattoo shop to get to know the guys there because I hadn't seen them, ever. They turned out to be cool and very nice guys so we made some appointments for my tattoo. I want to get a 3/4 sleeve on the right arm. And I'm sooooo excite!!!
The many different styles I would like to get are:
  • dotwork
  • henna patterns
  • geometrical
  • line art
The details that I would like to get: 
  • a mandala in the inside of my elbow
  • a fox in the middle of my shoulder
  • The Pokémon Eevee on the inside of my arm
  • Deathly Hallows/Zelda/Pokémon sign somewhere or as funny details incorporated within the design
  • a wolf
  • a stag

All combined in one tattoo with gradual transitions. My first appointment will be on the 17th of May so that's a long way ahead but that's fine because I can get used to the fact that I will have a 3/4 sleeve in the summer. Also I've researched a lot but now I have more time to collect more pictures for the design I have in my head.
These are some of the pictures I already have:
I can't wait to get it done!
Thank you for your time,
I will see you guys next time.


New Dreads

I made new dreads! Now the whole bottom layer of my head is full with dreads. I did need some help with the sectioning part ha ha. But my boyfriend wanted to help me, thanks bf! So here is a picture of the sectioning part before I adjusted it a little bit. The hairpins are from 20 years ago as you can tell right? But hey they work just as fine. No need for some fanciness.

I use the twist-and-rip method. At the start I backcombed the hair a little bit to give it a little bit more texture. I twist the hair to one side en divide it in 2 equal parts. Then I split the two parts all the way to the hair root. Repeat it for about 73289753 times. It may be that you feel stupid because you see no progress, but carry on. Eventually you see that a dread is forming.

And here is the end result. In the beginning you have a lot of loose hair but they will lock up in time as they mature. Give the maturing process a lot of time, about a year or so. Eventually you end up with rope like dreads, and I can't wait for my dreads to lock up and become strong too.

I hope you guys liked this!
Thank you for your time,
I will see you guys next time.
Hugs ❤


Wreck This Journal #2

Yesterday I told you that I wanted to show you an update of my journal. So here it is :) Please keep in mind that I'm not ready with it and that it's an ongoing process. And of course i'm not an artist ha ha!
I'm going to show you the pages in the order of the book itself. The first page is the "Draw thick and thin lines" page. I went a little crazy here. I thought of lines in a different way and came up with this. Pretty cool right?! But there's still a lot of work to do. I want to color this whole page eventually.

Draw thick and thin lines. Press really hard with a pencil.

The next page says that you should put sticky things here. I don't want my book to decay so I grabbed some old stickers and put them over here. 
Really really old stickers, the Care Bear stickers are from the 80's.

Sticky things page.

Next up, the "Drip something here" page. I thought it was cool to take Indian ink so I could make a cool Rorschach print but then the plastic funnel fell out and my whole lap was covered in ink! This is what my page looks like. Not a therapeutic print unfortunately but a funny story instead. I'm glad I managed to take the stains out of my jeans. Yaay!

Drip something here. Close the book for a print.

The next day when opened my book. I saw a pleasant surprise. The Rorschach print had shown up on the next page! Happy days, happy days. It looks like Tyrannosaurus Rex don't you think?

Embroid this page.

Here I had to make a mess and then clean up. So I did. Sort of. ;)

Make a mess. Clean it up.

 I found this fake leaf in my couch.

Random items page.

I want to make the other hand black too. The colors pop more in real life. :( I'm going to find a way to make them more colorful. 

Draw the outline of your hand.

Do you also have a Wreck This Journal copy? 
Please send me some links in the message bar down below.
I would love to see some of your artwork!
Thank you for your time,
Take care and I  you!
Tight hugs, Eve.


Tunnels 6mm/2G

I wanted to do a Wreck This Journal update but my camera decided to die on me. So instead of some awesome photos of my journal you get a shitty instagram picture of my tunnels that I finally got in.

Ahh well tomorrow will be better. Friday yaaay! 
Oh and is it just me or do you also have plenty of space over on your plugs/tunnels? My lobes are very thin but wide and my plugs/tunnels are always poking out at the back of my ears.

Hope to see you tomorrow!
Thank you for your time,
Eve all of you!

My Deathly Hallows necklace arrived in the mail this week, look how cute! I got it from ebay.