January Haul

So I bought a lot of stuff in January and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I got.
Here we go:

10mm/00g Plugs & Tunnels
A remote for my Canon 550D
Varsity Jacket
Shirt (Men's department)
Me wearing my new Kimono. It's from my wishlist remember?! Yaayyy!
Galaxy Headband
Watemelon Headband wrapthingy
Turtles sweater and the jeans are from H&M

I also bought a Harry Potter deathly hallows necklace at eBay but it didn't arrive yet. I'll show you by then. I also got an electric toothbrush from my wishlist. But I already use it and I think it's kinda gross to show you ha ha. For you who want to know, it's a Oral B Trizone 700 ;) and quite amazing!

So how's your weekend? Did you do a lot of fun stuff? I went to my mom & dads anniversary and it was fantastic. I was really nervous because I was the host of a quiz game show with questions of my mom and dad. But fortunately everything went well. I'm glad I did it and it feels like a personal victory.

The evening flew by and before I know it it's Sunday. Do you also feel that a work week is 938472842 times longer than a weekend, in your sense of time?
So without further ado, i'm going to Wreck My Journal :)

Happy Sunday everybody!
Thank you for your time,
Eve all of you!

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