New Dreads

I made new dreads! Now the whole bottom layer of my head is full with dreads. I did need some help with the sectioning part ha ha. But my boyfriend wanted to help me, thanks bf! So here is a picture of the sectioning part before I adjusted it a little bit. The hairpins are from 20 years ago as you can tell right? But hey they work just as fine. No need for some fanciness.

I use the twist-and-rip method. At the start I backcombed the hair a little bit to give it a little bit more texture. I twist the hair to one side en divide it in 2 equal parts. Then I split the two parts all the way to the hair root. Repeat it for about 73289753 times. It may be that you feel stupid because you see no progress, but carry on. Eventually you see that a dread is forming.

And here is the end result. In the beginning you have a lot of loose hair but they will lock up in time as they mature. Give the maturing process a lot of time, about a year or so. Eventually you end up with rope like dreads, and I can't wait for my dreads to lock up and become strong too.

I hope you guys liked this!
Thank you for your time,
I will see you guys next time.
Hugs ❤

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