Stretching update 8mm/0g

I cheated. Today is stretching day and  I´ve already put my plugs in yesterday. And boy did it hurt. Aaargh!!!  I´ve never felt this pain before. A throbbing pain that just can´t be stopped than pulling your plugs out, but you can´t do that, otherwise you´ve put the taper in for nothing.
It was around 9 p.m. that I managed to get them in. I should have put them in while I was still in the shower. Stupid. I will put a reminder in my phone for the next time. Now I had to take some aspirin to get to sleep. Such a crybaby I am. ha ha
It is remarkable that I had no problems with my new earrings, I thought that they had to cause me more pain but they did not hurt at all. They are still a bit red and swollen but I can touch them again. It's nice to see that your body recovers so fast.

The leopard plugs I´m wearing are from crazy-factory.com

I can´t wait to wear my white tunnels but they seem a little too big on the edges. I think I will have a lot of space but maybe I can trim them a bit only on the backside.

Thank you for your time,
Hugs ❤