Valentine's day

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to a sushi restaurant as a surprise for Valentine's day. We had a blast and we needed it to get out of the house for once. After 8,5 years of being together you have to find ways to keep things exciting. We had several rounds of sushi's and handrolls. And now to make you jealous here's a pic of what came in to my stomach.

Today I went to the dentist and I'm literately afraid of everything related to dentisty things. And when I came there I found out that the substitute of my dentist was working today and that freaked me out even more. I did know that my dentist was retiring but I never realized that this morning. But all went well, she's adorable and very friendly. I came out so happy but with a fat lip. ha ha

And because I was so happy I decided to get my ears pierced. Now they are even on both sides again. Yaaay! Except for my industrial ;)
Didn't hurt at all. It's weird how pain works, I mean I freak out over drills in my mouth but when a needle pierces my ears i hardly feel anything. Now the six weeks of sleeping on one side begins. The struggle.

I bought a bunch of decorating stuff too but I will show you that in a another blogpost. The one thing I will show you is a 4 euro watch that I found in a store called "Action" it's super cute. It's Mater from Cars. I love him. He's funny and sweet and cracks me up every time I want to know the time. It was supposed to be a child size and it fits me perfectly. Weird, I don't think that a child could actually wear this. Hmm. Strange.

When I came home I took pictures of myself  as some before pictures for when I want to dread my whole hair. I set up the camera with a tripod and this was new for me. Let's say it took a while before I was shooting. I use a Canon 550D and i'm still trying to get the settings right. Anybody out there that knows a few magic tricks? Let me know!

Hey you can see my new dreads on the left side, nice.
Anyway, I hope you have a very nice valentine's day.
Thanks for reading this
I will see you guys next time.

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