Whitening my teeth.

Yes I know, my teeth are yellow. And I wanted to do something about it. We don't have tooth whitening systems (that actually work, because the working parts in the gels are prohibited) where I live so I ordered it from eBay. I got the Plus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening System. The package contains a whitening gel, a mouth tray and a post rinse. 

I never whitened my teeth before but I had some fluoride treatments when I was a kid and I had multiple moldings for my braces, so I remember how to work with the horrible mouth trays. 
Breathe through your nose! Don't swallow the gel! Aargh.

Left:  #1 Never bleached before Middle: #2 15 minutes Right: #3 10 minutes

The taste is not bad if you keep to the five minute standard. I started with brushing my teeth and flossing really good. Then I opened the cap from the gel. What a disaster. The pressure of the plane (because the packet came from America) caused a surge of gel on my hand and was completely under gunk. I managed to get some gel from my hand on my teeth but not as precisely as I did the second time. The first time I left the tray in for about 15 minutes and the second for about 10 minutes. The first time I saw little difference, the second time I kind of see a little difference in the front teeth.

So today I  bleached my teeth for the third time, and I begin to master the technique. This time I left the tray in for 15 minutes and now I see for myself that my teeth have a lighter shade. Yaaay!!!
For now I stop bleaching my teeth because their must be a reason why they don't sell it over here...

Another 15 minutes #4

I would definitely buy this product again, because it works for sure.

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