Wreck This Journal #2

Yesterday I told you that I wanted to show you an update of my journal. So here it is :) Please keep in mind that I'm not ready with it and that it's an ongoing process. And of course i'm not an artist ha ha!
I'm going to show you the pages in the order of the book itself. The first page is the "Draw thick and thin lines" page. I went a little crazy here. I thought of lines in a different way and came up with this. Pretty cool right?! But there's still a lot of work to do. I want to color this whole page eventually.

Draw thick and thin lines. Press really hard with a pencil.

The next page says that you should put sticky things here. I don't want my book to decay so I grabbed some old stickers and put them over here. 
Really really old stickers, the Care Bear stickers are from the 80's.

Sticky things page.

Next up, the "Drip something here" page. I thought it was cool to take Indian ink so I could make a cool Rorschach print but then the plastic funnel fell out and my whole lap was covered in ink! This is what my page looks like. Not a therapeutic print unfortunately but a funny story instead. I'm glad I managed to take the stains out of my jeans. Yaay!

Drip something here. Close the book for a print.

The next day when opened my book. I saw a pleasant surprise. The Rorschach print had shown up on the next page! Happy days, happy days. It looks like Tyrannosaurus Rex don't you think?

Embroid this page.

Here I had to make a mess and then clean up. So I did. Sort of. ;)

Make a mess. Clean it up.

 I found this fake leaf in my couch.

Random items page.

I want to make the other hand black too. The colors pop more in real life. :( I'm going to find a way to make them more colorful. 

Draw the outline of your hand.

Do you also have a Wreck This Journal copy? 
Please send me some links in the message bar down below.
I would love to see some of your artwork!
Thank you for your time,
Take care and I  you!
Tight hugs, Eve.

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