Liebster Award!

I found out that I not only was nominated by Dinja at DinjaDonut but also by Amanda at Amanda Jane, and I'm so happy about that! It really feels as a reward.

So, the rules are...

1. Say 11 facts about you.
2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you!
3. Pick 11 people with less than 200 followers to nominate!
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer!
5. Inform your nominees of the award!

11 Facts 'about me':
  • I'm pretty stubborn 
  • I have constantly too little time to do fun things like this blog or being creative
  • I have a hard time trowing stuff out
  • I love rain
  • When I put an outfit together my whole closet ends on the ground
  • I'm addicted to Instagram
  • I'm addicted to YouTube
  • I love scented candles
  • I wear fluffy slippers all year round
  • Jeroen and I are more than 8,5 years together
  • I'm a little crazy sometimes

11 questions for Dinja:
What do you prefer to do on a hot summer day?
Bobbing in the sea on an air mattress.

Why did you start blogging ?
Liza my coworker told me she had a blog , I tough that was the coolest thing. I also watch YouTube videos quite often and I really want to make some myself in the future. But I'm little scared so a blog is a good solution. And of course I have lots of things to write about. ;)

If you won a million , what would you do with it?
Buy a nice house, work less and make a lot of movies and blog about cool things. But first travel to another continent.

What is your favorite snack ?

Summer beach or winter snowy landscape, which one would you choose and why ?
Both not, I 'm a bit weird but I love the fall when all the leaves turn orange. And I love it when you really notice what nature can do. Storm!

What do you really do not come under your bed ?
Zombies, I have a good empathy level and after I watch The Walking Dead I always get nightmares.

What you eat the sweetest on bread ?

When was the last time you laughed really hard ? ( and why ? )
When my coworker Martijn had put on a wig from the windowmannequin.

Why do you have makeup on ?
With makeup, you can look different every day .

Which Pokemon would you be?
Eevee! So much evolving choices!

Where do you like to go on vacation ?
Italy, France and distant countries .

And my questions from Amanda:

What is your favorite drug store lipstick?
Catrice Ultimate Colour 270 Matt-erial girl. A matt berry toned lipstick that doesn't feel dry on my lips.

What is your ideal lazy Sunday?
Walking with my boyfriend in the forest or on the beach. Drinking hot coco at home under a cosy blanket.

What shoes are you currently wearing right this second/most frequently

Who is your favorite Blogger?

What is your favorite song at the moment?

Whats your favorite healthy meal/snack?
Avocado, oranges, tangerines, apples & bananas.

Whats your favorite color eye shadow to wear? 

Who is your favorite You-tuber?

Were is your dream place to live?
In a forest next to a calm river.

Whats your favorite nail polish brand?
I really don't care about nailpolish that much. Sorry!

What did you have for breakfast?
Bread with cheese.

I hereby nominate the following bloggers:

My questions for you guys:

  1. What's your guilty pleasure in music?
  2. What's your biggest pet peeve?
  3. Favorite food?
  4. Do you work out? If yes what do you do?
  5. Your weirdest habbit is?
  6. Do you want/have tattoo's?
  7. Do you want/have piercings?
  8. Do you have a man in your life?
  9. What are you the most proud of?
  10. What's your favorite flower?
  11. What is your biggest dream?
Thanks guys for reading this and make sure to follow Dinja and Amanda they have some great blogs for you to follow!
Hugs! ❤


Dread update week #3

They're doing great if I may say so. I have to pull them apart every evening and that's a good sign I think. Sometimes pulling apart hurts and I don't like the sounds of ripping hairs but I know that I must do this, otherwise I will end up with one giant dread on my head.

To help me find the roots I got some beads on top of my head. Because I don't sleep on the top part it didn't get much friction and I think that's why they don't dread up as much as the sides of my head.
I get a lot of compliments and when I tell them that this is just a frizzy phase and that they become mature over time they say that they like them now already, which is soooo nice to hear! Thank you all! I'm truly blessed with the best.

I got a lot of questions when I'm going to dread my bangs but I quite like it how it looks now so I'm not going to that now.
I also want to mention that I reallllyyyy love my sweater! I never thought I would buy yellow. ha ha!

Thank you for watching,
Hugs ❤


Dyeing hair with henna

Okay what do you need?
  • Henna
  • Lemon juice
  • Bowl or pan
  • Spoon or fork
  • Hands
  • Gloves
  • Comb
  • Cellophane and headband to secure
  • Time

Put the henna in the bowl or pan. 100gr for short hair, 150gr for long hair, but I don't weigh it I eyeball the amount of 200gr because I have long hair and dreads now.

Add lemon juice and stir until you have a yogurt consistency. I add lemon juice for a bright red color. If you want a more brown look you can add coffee or tea. To make the effect less add more water to your ratio. I use only lemon juice and no water.

Put a test dot on your body.

Leave overnight to enhance the impact of the lemon juice.

No weird color or skin irritation? Then you are good to go. ( I left the dot on for 2 hours.)

Dye your roots first, then the rest of your hair.

Leave in for as long as you like. Keep in mind that blond hair will color much faster than dark hair. If you're unsure test a little bit of hair from your brush first. I don't know exactly how little time blondes have to leave it in but I guess maybe 15 minutes is a good start?! I'll keep mine in for 6 to 8 hours. Or when I can't stand it anymore ;) I finished dyeing round noon so that's easy counting. ha ha
Afterwards you can put cellophane around your head to prevent henna from dripping.

Don't forget: Be proud of your cellophane head.

And don't forget to treat yourself with a sandwich.

Be proud of your cellophane head especially when your mail woman brings you some packages. ha ha
2 kilo henna. ha ha

And the results:

Turned out pr-et-ty good if I may say so myself.
Thanks for reading!
Hugs, ❤


Wonderful Weekend

Wowzers, what a great weekend I had! I'm still reminiscing.
Friday I went to Eindhoven with a friend for the concert of Disclosure. After a short chat and fooling around, we left at quarter to 10 what was casually late because it actually began at ten o'clock, whatever. Also did not matter because we had fun anyway though. When we got there everyone was already inside of the main hall so we could get a locker very fast. Yaay!
The whole experience was sooo exciting :) after a month of wishing it was already the 21st of March.

After getting something to drink we decided to go a bit closer to the stage. We met really nice and funny people and the vibe was positive which is always a plus. We had an awesome time and sadly the concert wasn't that long.

Around midnight we took a cab back to downtown Eindhoven. We were meeting with another friend who lives in Eindhoven and he showed us some pubs. We had a blast.
We got back by the hotel around half 5, and I fell fast asleep immediately. The next morning we had to get out before noon, but I had the worst hangover ever. Now that I think of it, I feel the pain in my head again.
After 4 hours of traveling by train and delay, I got home finally. This is a photo of my sandwich.

At home I tried to sleep away my hangover but I couldn't. I did feel better though.
That night we went out to dinner with other friends. We got delicious sushi. I love sushi.
A few friends and my boyfriend went further for a beer but I decided wisely to get some sleep.

After a good night's rest we went to my boyfriends grandparents on Sunday afternoon. His granddad turned 78. The party was very nice and a great closure of a fantastic weekend.
I wish all my weekend were like this :D

Thanks for reading this,

For the people who want to know what I wore to the concert, a photo below.
I paired it with a shirt that says parental advisory yahdieyadie, MAC Heroine on my lips and my Jordans on my feet.


Dread update week #2

They're getting craaazyy! Yaay!
It's been 2 weeks since I got dreads and I love them to bits. I washed them several times now and they luckily didn't came out. Some parts are really loose though but I thought let's go neglect with them. Every night I spray some salt water at my roots and I do a little wool rubbing now and then.

Is it just me or do I see a little shrinkage already?
Thank you for taking a look here,


Stretching update 10mm/00g

I'm at my goal size! I´m done. For now ;)
The day before yesterday I put them in while I was in the shower. They went in smoothly yaaaay!!!
I was a bit scared though because the plugs I'm wearing a single flared and 'they' say that you shouldn't wear plugs with raised edges before it's fully healed. YOLO if I get blowouts I go back a size. They feel healthy, a bit sore but nothing special. Finally I will be able to wear these babies.
So sassy, so excite!

All plugs are crazy-factory except the hearts and rainbowswirls they're eBay and the Eevee ones are @_cordyceps_ available at her own etsy page.

Thank you for your time!
Hugs! ❤

Aaaand for the lovers of big photos:


Dread update week #1

So it might be a bit confusing that I've started over, counting updates, but I thought it would be logic to start counting from the whole head point. It's been a week now and bumps and loops are beginning to form. Especially around the nape area and the left side that I sleep on most. Separating the dreads is a must every night because after I got a shower earlier there was a serious congo forming already. I'm happy how they behave at the moment and find it a blessing that the loops and bumps are showing up.

Sorry for the overload on pictures but I couldn't decide which one to pick.
I'm looking forward to next week.
Thanks for your time!
Hugs, ❤