A whole head of dreads

Today was my turning point. 
Today I decided that it is time for a full head of dreads. The decision to get dreadlocks was not easy in itself. For weeks I sit worrying whether I would get them or not. Obviously you do get a certain look that is not always seen positively. But people who know me well understand that it's just hair and that I have not became a lazy person that just sits and smokes on a wicker chair with a view of the setting sun. Where can I sign up?! 

I spend an hour or 3 in the bathroom making my dreads while listening to Rise Against, the songs let your fingers move faster. So when I was done with all of my dreads I thought that my family had to know this first. I was a little nervous about their reactions because their opinions mean something to me. Not that I wouldn't get them if they didn't agree with them, but I'm kind of relieved that they don't see me as a horrific person. I'm also glad that my boss never fuss on appearance like dreads, piercings and tattoos. It is a very nice company to work for, in this area and, in general. 

I used the twist an rip method for all of my dreads. I hope that the shrinkage won't be much, in contrast to the other times. The shrinkage on the oldest dread is so much that the dread is now almost wider than long. ha ha

Oh and if you want to know how much dreads I possess now, I counted them twice and came up with different numbers. ha ha 
The actual figure will be between 64 and 70. 

Gosh I love them so much!!!
Thanks for reading, 
You're a survivor of my frizziness
Hugs, ❤


  1. Hé ik zie dit nu pas! Gaaf! Shit wat moet jij vermoeide armen gehad hebben. Ik had er laatst twee gemaakt (en inmiddels weer verwijderd) en ik had er tóen al last van! Ben benieuwd hoe ze er uit gaan zien straks!

    1. Pff ja dat was me wat. Ben inmiddels weer hersteld haha.
      Ik heb ze nu 2 keer gewassen en ze zijn een hoop losser nu maar ik weet dat ze tijd nodig hebben om weer strak te worden. Vandaag ook water met zout erop gespoten en dat lijkt wel te helpen. :D
      Neem ze ook ;) ;)

    2. Ja ik zou dolgraag willen maar ik durf nog niet, haha! Daarom begin ik maar even met neppe, gewoon voor het gevoel ;) Wel foto's posten als ze (positief) aan het veranderen zijn he?

    3. Aaah misschien komt dat nog eens, als je die neppe zo leuk vindt dat je ze permanent wilt ;) :D
      Jaaa zal ik zeker doen! Sowieso elke maand.