Dread Tag

1. Do you remember the specific moment you decided you were going to dread your hair? Where were you and how did you feel?

4 months ago I read a dialogue between a stranger and a common friend on Facebook. "Did you know I have one dread at the back of my head for over a year now?" was the first sentence. I thought wow that is so cool! Nobody ever noticed she had a dread. So I was thinking I could do the same. Then 1 became 2 and before you know it you have over 30. They're addictive.

2. What method, if any, did you use to start your dreadlocks?

The twist and rip method.

3. How old are your dreadlocks?

It varies from 4 months to 4 days.

4. What is the length of your longest dread? And shortest?

The longest 39 cm and the shortest 22 cm.

5. Do you have any dreads that are especially unique, strange, or awesome?

The oldest one has the most bumps and lumps and I love it because it was the first one I made.

6. How many dreads do you have currently? Is that the same number you started with?

31. No I started with 1 then 2 and then 8 and now I have 31.

7. What shampoo or other products do you use on your dreads?

I have a shampoo without parabens, fragrance and pigment. It's called Neutral

8. How often do you wash your dreads?

When it's needed. But now certainly once in every 4 days.

9. Do you do any regular maintenance on your dreads?

Yes I separate them every night. And with new dreads I crochet hook the loose hairs but after that they do what they want to.

10. What are your favorite beads or other decorations?

I had a few beads but I had to break them because they wouldn't come out. ha ha
Now I have a thread wrapped around 1 dread.

11. If your dreads had their own personal motto, what would it be?

Have patience.

12. If you could start a new set of dreads, would you do anything differently?

Yes, I would make the older dreads smaller.

13. Is there anything else unique about your appearance other than dreadlocks? (tattoos, piercings, etc)

I have tunnels and an industrial in my ears. And 2 tattoos but that will become soon 3.

14. How many people do you know personally with dreadlocks?

1 in real life. On the wonderful world of internet I "know" many others but they don't know me I guess. ha ha

15. Have any employers turned you down for having dreads? Any wanted you BECAUSE of your dreads?

No, I work at a dread friendly workplace.

16. Whats the WEIRDEST question you've gotten about your dreads? DUMBEST? FUNNIEST? Most Common?

"Don't you think it's a waste of your hair?" And every time I'm like "My hair was already a mess, I really hated it." and it is true, I hated my hair. Well not the hairs itself but combing it every time because my hair is always frizzy.

17. Have you ever had a freak accident or an embarrassing moment involving your dreads?

I got stuck between my jacket.

18. Do you have any dreaded role models? If so, who?

Anna Galapril.com
Elise Elisebuch.blogspot.com

19. What dreaded YouTubers could you see yourself hanging out with in real life?

Chris from LazyDreads.com and go to a concert or festival.

20. Who are you going to Tag?

Everybody who wants to be tagged!!!

Thanks for reading!
Hugs! ❤

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