Liebster Award!

I found out that I not only was nominated by Dinja at DinjaDonut but also by Amanda at Amanda Jane, and I'm so happy about that! It really feels as a reward.

So, the rules are...

1. Say 11 facts about you.
2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you!
3. Pick 11 people with less than 200 followers to nominate!
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer!
5. Inform your nominees of the award!

11 Facts 'about me':
  • I'm pretty stubborn 
  • I have constantly too little time to do fun things like this blog or being creative
  • I have a hard time trowing stuff out
  • I love rain
  • When I put an outfit together my whole closet ends on the ground
  • I'm addicted to Instagram
  • I'm addicted to YouTube
  • I love scented candles
  • I wear fluffy slippers all year round
  • Jeroen and I are more than 8,5 years together
  • I'm a little crazy sometimes

11 questions for Dinja:
What do you prefer to do on a hot summer day?
Bobbing in the sea on an air mattress.

Why did you start blogging ?
Liza my coworker told me she had a blog , I tough that was the coolest thing. I also watch YouTube videos quite often and I really want to make some myself in the future. But I'm little scared so a blog is a good solution. And of course I have lots of things to write about. ;)

If you won a million , what would you do with it?
Buy a nice house, work less and make a lot of movies and blog about cool things. But first travel to another continent.

What is your favorite snack ?

Summer beach or winter snowy landscape, which one would you choose and why ?
Both not, I 'm a bit weird but I love the fall when all the leaves turn orange. And I love it when you really notice what nature can do. Storm!

What do you really do not come under your bed ?
Zombies, I have a good empathy level and after I watch The Walking Dead I always get nightmares.

What you eat the sweetest on bread ?

When was the last time you laughed really hard ? ( and why ? )
When my coworker Martijn had put on a wig from the windowmannequin.

Why do you have makeup on ?
With makeup, you can look different every day .

Which Pokemon would you be?
Eevee! So much evolving choices!

Where do you like to go on vacation ?
Italy, France and distant countries .

And my questions from Amanda:

What is your favorite drug store lipstick?
Catrice Ultimate Colour 270 Matt-erial girl. A matt berry toned lipstick that doesn't feel dry on my lips.

What is your ideal lazy Sunday?
Walking with my boyfriend in the forest or on the beach. Drinking hot coco at home under a cosy blanket.

What shoes are you currently wearing right this second/most frequently

Who is your favorite Blogger?

What is your favorite song at the moment?

Whats your favorite healthy meal/snack?
Avocado, oranges, tangerines, apples & bananas.

Whats your favorite color eye shadow to wear? 

Who is your favorite You-tuber?

Were is your dream place to live?
In a forest next to a calm river.

Whats your favorite nail polish brand?
I really don't care about nailpolish that much. Sorry!

What did you have for breakfast?
Bread with cheese.

I hereby nominate the following bloggers:

My questions for you guys:

  1. What's your guilty pleasure in music?
  2. What's your biggest pet peeve?
  3. Favorite food?
  4. Do you work out? If yes what do you do?
  5. Your weirdest habbit is?
  6. Do you want/have tattoo's?
  7. Do you want/have piercings?
  8. Do you have a man in your life?
  9. What are you the most proud of?
  10. What's your favorite flower?
  11. What is your biggest dream?
Thanks guys for reading this and make sure to follow Dinja and Amanda they have some great blogs for you to follow!
Hugs! ❤


  1. Thank you for nominating me! This is also the 2nd time that someone nominated me, ah thank you. :) I will post another liebster award post on my blog later.

    Loves from,
    Rui Jun

  2. This is so awesome I swear I love this award,full of smiles. I will post in my blog in a bit and asked those lovely questions ;)

  3. Leuk beantwoord :)
    Ik vind het trouwens ook echt zo moeilijk om dingen weg te doen! (daardoor bewaar ik zelfs eierdoosjes en ijsbakjes ><)

    1. Thanks,
      Ja echt erg ik heb thuis van die aftandse ouwe bakjes waar potloden enzo in zaten, dat ding valt van ellende uit elkaar maar ik kan het niet over mijn hart verkrijgen om het weg te gooien. :D

  4. You're so sweet. ♥ I wear slippers all year round as well! I'm too stubborn to put them away.

  5. Ik hou van brood met kaas<3 CHEESE ADDICTION. Dankjewel voor de nominatie chick! Maar zoals je al had gelezen ben ik al 5 keer eerder genomineerd, dus ik ga niet nog een keer een post erover maken. Wel beantwoord ik je vragen in dit bericht. vind je dat goed?:D

    What's your guilty pleasure in music?

    Stiekem vind ik Miley Cyrus haar muziek gaaf. Naast mijn hiphop luister ik soms ook naar Miley. Heel slecht, i know.

    What's your biggest pet peeve?

    Wat mij het meest irriteert zijn mensen die achter je rug om om je roddelen en lachen. Ik vind dat zo respectloos. Ook mensen die ultra sloom lopen. Daar irriteer ik me dagelijks aan.

    Favorite food?


    Do you work out? If yes what do you do?

    Yess! Ik hou van de workouts van Shaun T. Dus Insanity, hip hop abs en ik ben net begonnen met T25! Ik hou van cardio workouts.

    Your weirdest habbit is?

    Ik snij mijn brood altijd in 4 stukken. Ik heb echt geen flauw idee waarom, Lekker onhandig ook haha.

    Do you want/have tattoo's?

    Nee ): Maar ik wil er dolgraag 1!

    Do you want/have piercings?

    Ik wil een tragus piercing! Ik heb er nog niet echt tijd voor gehad om het te laten zetten, maar ik ga het sws doen!

    Do you have a man in your life?

    Sadly no ):

    What are you the most proud of?

    Ik ben het meest trots op een jasje die ik heb gemaakt tijdens mijn stage bij Bas Kosters. Ik mocht een jasje vol borduren met pailletten, stenen en leren applicaties. Toen ik een foto er van zag op London Fashion Week was ik zo blij!

    What's your favorite flower?

    Ik hou van rozen. Ik haal erg heel veel inspiratie uit.

    What is your biggest dream?

    Ik wil dolgraag een beroemde fashion stylist worden! Dat is mijn ultieme droom.

    1. Soooww gaaf Bas Kosters! Daar zou ik ook vet trost op wezen! Leuk beantwoord! Thanks!!!

    2. Dankjewel!! Ja ik ben er echt zo blij mee. Graag gedaan!:D