Stretching update 10mm/00g

I'm at my goal size! I´m done. For now ;)
The day before yesterday I put them in while I was in the shower. They went in smoothly yaaaay!!!
I was a bit scared though because the plugs I'm wearing a single flared and 'they' say that you shouldn't wear plugs with raised edges before it's fully healed. YOLO if I get blowouts I go back a size. They feel healthy, a bit sore but nothing special. Finally I will be able to wear these babies.
So sassy, so excite!

All plugs are crazy-factory except the hearts and rainbowswirls they're eBay and the Eevee ones are @_cordyceps_ available at her own etsy page.

Thank you for your time!
Hugs! ❤

Aaaand for the lovers of big photos:


  1. Mmm ik hóu van die hartjes, jammer dat ze die niet in kleinere maten hebben!

    1. Jaa inderdaad, hij lijkt ook veel groter dan 10mm, als je het mij vraagt...

  2. Gaaf zeg! Ik wou dat ik mijn oorlellen kon oprekken, maar mijn oorbellen irriteren al veel te gauw.


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