Wonderful Weekend

Wowzers, what a great weekend I had! I'm still reminiscing.
Friday I went to Eindhoven with a friend for the concert of Disclosure. After a short chat and fooling around, we left at quarter to 10 what was casually late because it actually began at ten o'clock, whatever. Also did not matter because we had fun anyway though. When we got there everyone was already inside of the main hall so we could get a locker very fast. Yaay!
The whole experience was sooo exciting :) after a month of wishing it was already the 21st of March.

After getting something to drink we decided to go a bit closer to the stage. We met really nice and funny people and the vibe was positive which is always a plus. We had an awesome time and sadly the concert wasn't that long.

Around midnight we took a cab back to downtown Eindhoven. We were meeting with another friend who lives in Eindhoven and he showed us some pubs. We had a blast.
We got back by the hotel around half 5, and I fell fast asleep immediately. The next morning we had to get out before noon, but I had the worst hangover ever. Now that I think of it, I feel the pain in my head again.
After 4 hours of traveling by train and delay, I got home finally. This is a photo of my sandwich.

At home I tried to sleep away my hangover but I couldn't. I did feel better though.
That night we went out to dinner with other friends. We got delicious sushi. I love sushi.
A few friends and my boyfriend went further for a beer but I decided wisely to get some sleep.

After a good night's rest we went to my boyfriends grandparents on Sunday afternoon. His granddad turned 78. The party was very nice and a great closure of a fantastic weekend.
I wish all my weekend were like this :D

Thanks for reading this,

For the people who want to know what I wore to the concert, a photo below.
I paired it with a shirt that says parental advisory yahdieyadie, MAC Heroine on my lips and my Jordans on my feet.


  1. Oeh, je was dicht bij mijn huis! Tof weekend heb je gehad! Is je kater inmiddels helemaal verdwenen?

    1. Ja gelukkig wel haha! Oef! Maar t was t waard!

  2. Klinkt als een druk maar leuk weekend (: !

    Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster Award! Meer informatie zie je op mijn blog!: http://dinjadonut.blogspot.nl/2014/03/liebster-award.html