DIY - How to make a GIF

I really like GIF's they remind me of the beginning of the internet. I had a page on CU2 a community like ICQ. I spend hours on a dial-up connection figuring out how to make html page. Sometimes I even made one offline and then uploaded it when I got online. I dreamed about <br>'s and </i> and how to make scroll windows because if you had one you were the bom.com.
A little later the dolls came by. Girly creatures made in Paint that represented mostly of who you wanted to be. On some sites you could make them yourself. I copied and pasted them custom to my preferences. Nowadays on Tumblr you see a lot of GIF's and I wanted to make one for myself and show you how easy it is to make one.

Easy? Yeahhss baby! Just go to makeagif.com ;)
And if the site wants you to install Java, please don't. Click away and open a new window and start over.

I did use Photoshop to get my head in the same place on each photo. I made one before and I got sick of my head bouncing around in the photo. Ha ha.
Here's mine:

And I made another one:

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Hugs, ❤
Please let me know if you made one, I would love to see them!!


  1. Ik wist niet dat er een site voor was! Vet handig dit.


  2. Oh thanks, nooit van deze site gehoord! Nice!