Dread update week #5

I can't believe it's already been 5 weeks that my dreadlock journey began. They begin to shrink now and that's something I have to get used to. Not that I'm missing my length but it have to change some practical things. I used to wear a lot of elastic bands, but they break so fast. I'm not able to put it on twice around my hair, because I have so much volume right now. But luckily I got the solution right in my mailbox! In my March edition of the dutch beautybox I got a Invisibobble hair tie. It's mostly used to not leave traces in your hair. But I thought wow this is perfect for my hair, and it is! There are a few more benefits and they tell it on their site. Anywaysss I think they're still doing a marvelous job, just lying there, chilling and being all cute and frizzy. 

So as a few of you may already know, the results of my mini poll where: Every week. Yayy! 
Which means I'll make a dread update every Sunday!

Thank you for your time,
Hugs! ❤


  1. Orthodontische bandjes helpen als het goed is beter dan normale bandjes! (of gebruik je die al?)

    Stéphanie // aphelium.org

    1. Van die kleintjes? Heb ik. Maar breken je haren en zijn veelste klein, bovendien is die invisibobble echt dé shit hoor!!! Topper! Thnx voor het meedenken!