#OOTD - Le Club du Vin

Kimono - Forever21
Top - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Necklace - eBay
Shoes - Nike

Tonight I'm going to my friend in Rotterdam who gives wine tasting classes for her friends. She does an amazing job and it's always a joy to be there. If I don't have to work before heading to party's and such, I really like to dress up and play more with fashion. Although I work in retail I find it quite hard to come up with an outfit all by yourself sometimes. I mean I can easily combine colors and such and I know what's usually combined together but to come up with a concept all by yourself, no.
For example: A girly maxi skirt with a sweater. It looks so cool but who was the first person that thought: "Wow okay I think I want to wear this skirt but I also want to wear this comfy sweater." "Hmm what to do?" Let's combine the two!" Gorgeous, but sadly that's not popping up in my head.
Mostly I get my inspiration from other like Liza, people on the streets, Instagram, YouTube or Lookbook.nu or when I have a new clothing item I search with that keyword on lookbook or google pictures.
Anyway I like my outfit, and that's what count right?

Thank you for being so awesome!
Hugs, ❤

Hellooks.com is also an amazing site with really creative and unique people.
And this is what I was talking about earlier. It's from weinspire.us


  1. That kimono looks amazing. I would love to see how you look in this outfit. Girl on the photo is gorgeous. Love her skirt.

    Fabulous 30s

  2. Die kimono is echt heel mooi, mooie kleuren!

  3. Oh, die kimono is echt geweldig!

  4. die kimono is echt prachtig! Echt een eye catcher.


  5. Thanks! Ik ben ook helemaal in love met de kimono!