The Empire of Light

I made this picture tonight which reminds me of Magritte's The Empire of Light paintings. There are three paintings in this series and the one that's located at The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is the one I love the most. The sky in this painting is like what I would have imagined if you asked me to think of a beautiful sky. And the thing I love even better than the sky is the "wtf" content of what René is doing with your mind. I just love weird things, they make me happy.

I realize now that I almost forgot that I love art so much. Not that it was gone, I mean it is always there but after graduating Graphic Design in '08 I never did anything art related until I started this blog in January. Mainly the first year we did awesome stuff at school. I learned so much there about different media. But after that first year we did almost everything on a computer. I quite liked that in the beginning but after so many mindless copy and paste work I started to hate the must factor of the job. After graduating I thought it would be nice to have a job in between sorting out my next study but I loved and I still love my job in retail so much that I can't see myself doing something other than this. Maybe in the future, you never know.

Back to '14. I just want to say that doing DIY's and forcing myself to get up off that couch and do stuff is one of the best things that happened to me this year.

Thank you for reading this and giving me such wonderful comments
on everything I write on this blog.
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100 happy days - #056

Growing cucumbers.

We don't have a garden but we still want to grow stuff so now we're trying to grow a cucumber at home. Our kitchen is very small and crowded but I think it looks so darn cute. I think we'll have to move it eventually because the window is located on the north side of the house and very little light comes in. I am amazed that it already has become so large.

We'll see...

100 happy days - #055

Old treasure from my parents garage.


The start of my sleeve.

On Saturday the 17th I went to BlackWolf Tattoo in Rotterdam to discuss the design of the tattoo that I want. My friend Nadien went with me to calm my nerves. Didn't help that much but it was a lot more fun that's for sure. When you enter the shop the first thing that you see is a wall full of inverted crosses. Really cool. Maybe a a fun DIY project. ;) ha ha
While sipping some coffee, Dave the artist and I discussed the design that I had in mind. Later he draw the first sketch on my arm as you can see here above.

And then last Friday the 23rd I had my first tattoo appointment. He had a lot of stencil cutting and measuring to do so it took 3 hours. I didn't mind that, I had a blast, the guys who work there are really funny.
After that we were ready to start with the rather unpleasant part for me namely getting scratched by needles. It hurt but it was bearable. This session took about 4,5 hours with a small coffee break.

Incredible right? The lines are so sharp! I'm so in love and happy with this already and I'm curious for the end result. Keep in mind that this is fresh so I'm all swollen and red. ha ha Also some lines inside the diamond like shape (Hexagonal bipyramid) are grey but that will show up in time. I got wrapped up and went home. When I got home around  ten I had supper and I was so hyper that I hardly couldn't sleep that night. Too bad because I had to work the next day at half past eight. I got so many compliments at work, which felt really nice and made my day because I was so stiff around my elbow and armpit. A girl came up to me and said that she wanted to color my mandala, how sweet!

I can't say enough how happy I am already. If you are curious to see the artist who is responsible for all this wickedness you can go to his instagram.

Thanks for being the coolest reader on the planet!
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If you want to see my second appointment click here.

Dread update week #11

Just a small update this week because it feels like they didn't change this week. It even feels like they're a bit longer this week. ha ha.
For fun I made a little progress collage of the weeks 7 to 11. I also added the previous picture. Week 5 looks so different than the others, so fluffy!

Thanks for being the most awesome reader,
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100 happy days - #054


100 happy days - #053

The start of my 3/4 sleeve.


20 Questions TAG! - 10/20

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without?

My phone, keys and money. And something to eat, I'm always hungry. ha ha
I painted my keys with nail polish so I know exactly which key fits on each door. My wallet is from Action and my phone is a HTC one with a case I bought on eBay.

2.Favorite brand of makeup?

Here showing you my lipsticks but the product I use the most is my paint pot in soft ochre.

3.Favorite Flowers?

I just love it when they bloom.

4.Fav clothing stores?

H&M, Forever21, Primark & eBay.

5.Fav perfume?

Dior - Pure Poison.
Been my fav since puberty and I will love it till I die.

6.Heels or flats?

Flats. Working in retail means you have to stand and walk 8 hours in your shoes so I can't imagine wearing heels. I have insoles and that helps a lot with sore feet. But I do wear heels sometimes, at Christmas time. ;)

7.Did you made good grades?

Duhhh, always. ;)

8.Fav colors?

Black, Green, Dark Orange(Rust), Pink and turquoise.

9.Do you drink energy drinks?

Only if I can sleep in the next day. But I drink coffee everyday.

10.Do you drink juice?

Sometimes but mostly soft green ice tea. Sweet tea! Sippy! Sippy! Aaaah so sassy.

Next time the other 10 questions!
Hugs, ❤

100 happy days - #050


100 happy days - #049

I just love flowers.


Dread update week #10

Ladies and Gentleman give it up for dread update 10!!! This time I thought it would be fun to do a 360. Cool hmn? I'm getting a bit tired of repeating myself but man they do they shrink like crazy. I have a bob line now. Haven't got one in 15 years and yes I have to get used to it. Other people think it looks good and I agree but I just miss the length.

My hair feels so clean after the bicarb soak that I did last week. Makes we want to take more of those treatments but I think that will do nothing but make my hair too dry and flaky.
Oh and one thing: I'm neglecting my fringe. I don't comb it anymore only separate the larger pieces. So the front part will look more like the rest of my hair.

They've changed a lot since week one, don't you agree?

Hugs, ❤

100 happy days - #047

Getting a tattoo!

Yesterday I had a drawing appointment at the tattoo shop. I'm going to get a 3/4 sleeve and I can't be more excited! This is a first drawing though so things will look different in the end.