Dread update week #10

Ladies and Gentleman give it up for dread update 10!!! This time I thought it would be fun to do a 360. Cool hmn? I'm getting a bit tired of repeating myself but man they do they shrink like crazy. I have a bob line now. Haven't got one in 15 years and yes I have to get used to it. Other people think it looks good and I agree but I just miss the length.

My hair feels so clean after the bicarb soak that I did last week. Makes we want to take more of those treatments but I think that will do nothing but make my hair too dry and flaky.
Oh and one thing: I'm neglecting my fringe. I don't comb it anymore only separate the larger pieces. So the front part will look more like the rest of my hair.

They've changed a lot since week one, don't you agree?

Hugs, ❤

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