Dread update week #8

For everyone that don't like to see a lot of pictures please click away while you can because I am really too lazy to choose this week. My dreadlings are doing a-okay I think, especially on the ends who are still folding themselves. A real pain in the ass if you ask me. I just don't want blunted ends, I want wild lion manes with soft tips. Raaawr.

My roots aren't knotting up so well though. Not that I'm freaking out but it is nice to see some progress there as well. I know that I will have to wait a little longer.
Al we need is just a little paaaatience.

Thanks for dropping by,
and surviving my endless photo share.
Hugs, ❤


  1. Hahah heel herkenbaar! Ik ben ook slecht in wachten. Leuke foto's trouwens!:D


  2. They look prettier every week. En jij ook, trouwens.

  3. Ze staan je echt zoooo goed!