#OOTD - Dungarees

Dungarees - H&M
T-shirt - Vogue
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Nike
Headband - Forever21
Necklace - H&M

Yes I'm standing on my couch. It is just lightest place in my apartment. Going outside is not an option with a storm happening right now. And then to think that I had to set up my parents beach cabin, crazy! The sandy wind was so harsh but we did it. It took us 2 hours for 2 cabins and I'm very proud that they're standing strong, sort of. So this is actually a outfit of a few hours (OOAFH) instead of a whole day. ha ha

For my lips I used 2 kind of MAC lipsticks. Up the amp on the outline and Impassioned on the inner part. In the end it all faded together and created one color.
I quite like it though.

The t-shirt was a gift from Vogue in their latest dutch issue.
Please comment down below, if you like that I'm actually wearing the outfits, 
instead of showing you the pieces on my stairs.

Thanks for dropping by!
Hugs, ❤


  1. Hele mooie close-up foto van je gezicht, de tweede. Zit er nu ook over te denken om een tweede gaatje te laten schieten...

    1. Ahh dankjewel!!! Gewoon doen, kun je meer oorbellen dragen ;) :D

  2. Jeeeej more outfitfoto's <3