The Empire of Light

I made this picture tonight which reminds me of Magritte's The Empire of Light paintings. There are three paintings in this series and the one that's located at The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is the one I love the most. The sky in this painting is like what I would have imagined if you asked me to think of a beautiful sky. And the thing I love even better than the sky is the "wtf" content of what René is doing with your mind. I just love weird things, they make me happy.

I realize now that I almost forgot that I love art so much. Not that it was gone, I mean it is always there but after graduating Graphic Design in '08 I never did anything art related until I started this blog in January. Mainly the first year we did awesome stuff at school. I learned so much there about different media. But after that first year we did almost everything on a computer. I quite liked that in the beginning but after so many mindless copy and paste work I started to hate the must factor of the job. After graduating I thought it would be nice to have a job in between sorting out my next study but I loved and I still love my job in retail so much that I can't see myself doing something other than this. Maybe in the future, you never know.

Back to '14. I just want to say that doing DIY's and forcing myself to get up off that couch and do stuff is one of the best things that happened to me this year.

Thank you for reading this and giving me such wonderful comments
on everything I write on this blog.
Hugs, ❤

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