The start of my sleeve.

On Saturday the 17th I went to BlackWolf Tattoo in Rotterdam to discuss the design of the tattoo that I want. My friend Nadien went with me to calm my nerves. Didn't help that much but it was a lot more fun that's for sure. When you enter the shop the first thing that you see is a wall full of inverted crosses. Really cool. Maybe a a fun DIY project. ;) ha ha
While sipping some coffee, Dave the artist and I discussed the design that I had in mind. Later he draw the first sketch on my arm as you can see here above.

And then last Friday the 23rd I had my first tattoo appointment. He had a lot of stencil cutting and measuring to do so it took 3 hours. I didn't mind that, I had a blast, the guys who work there are really funny.
After that we were ready to start with the rather unpleasant part for me namely getting scratched by needles. It hurt but it was bearable. This session took about 4,5 hours with a small coffee break.

Incredible right? The lines are so sharp! I'm so in love and happy with this already and I'm curious for the end result. Keep in mind that this is fresh so I'm all swollen and red. ha ha Also some lines inside the diamond like shape (Hexagonal bipyramid) are grey but that will show up in time. I got wrapped up and went home. When I got home around  ten I had supper and I was so hyper that I hardly couldn't sleep that night. Too bad because I had to work the next day at half past eight. I got so many compliments at work, which felt really nice and made my day because I was so stiff around my elbow and armpit. A girl came up to me and said that she wanted to color my mandala, how sweet!

I can't say enough how happy I am already. If you are curious to see the artist who is responsible for all this wickedness you can go to his instagram.

Thanks for being the coolest reader on the planet!
Hugs ❤

If you want to see my second appointment click here.


  1. Ziet er leuk uit!

  2. Wow, je tattoo is echt supertof! Ben heel benieuwd naar eindresultaat :D!

  3. WAUW! Echt super vet!! Ik ben echt super jaloers. Hij is echt prachtig!!


    1. Dank je wel Sharrel! Ik ben nu al super blij met mijn tattoo maar ik ben ook verschrikkelijk jaloers op jouw reis naar Malta! Heb je genoten?!? Ik zag zoveel leuke foto's voorbij komen op insta!

  4. Stunning line work! Can't wait to see the finished piece!
    L A

  5. Woah! Heel origineel :D Zo'n sleeve zie je zeker niet elke dag! Het heeft helemaal zijn eigen karakter, nu al :) Echt mooi! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat ^^

    1. Thanks!!! Ik ben ook zo blij dat hij alle stijlen heeft gemixt. Nu nog een paar sessies! Kan niet wachten! Yeaaayyy

  6. Holy fuck wat strak!!! Gorgeous ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Hij is echt gaaf! Vind vooral die patroon-details echt heel vet :)