100 happy days - #086


I can freely say that I'm extremely addicted to this app. The people who I follow and who follow back are just wonderful. I would hug them if I could.

100 happy days - #085

Childhood memories.


My sleeve, part three.

Two week have passed and my arm is fully healed so I went back to BlackWolf Tattoo for my third appointment with the extremely talented Dave. I must say I felt a bit sad that is was the third time already. I couldn't fully enjoy the jokes that were made though they were quite amusing. But immediately after we started the majority of those feelings were gone. Because at that moment I realized I have another arm. ha ha

This time he continued with the shading, which took a while. And after that he started with the dotwork inside the mandala on my shoulder. I watched it a while and the technique is really cool to look at. All those tiny dots, so cute. It didn't hurt at all this time I only felt it inside my armpit a bit. Also the healing time gets shorter every time I go which is a big plus if you ask me, I can't stand the itchiness. I can't remember exactly when he began but it was around 1 and stopped at 6 so that makes a smashing score of 5 hours.

I'm so excited for next time and I'm very curious how the foxy lady will turn out.
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and for the second time, click here.
And if you are interested in the Dave's Instagram, click here.

Till next time,
Hugs! ❤

Edit: If you want to see the fourth time, click here.

Dread update week #15

Week 15 already. Not much has changed. I start to think that it all happens underneath and inside the dreads. Some people said to me that they've changed but I can't see it. Doesn't really matter but it is a bit boring to show you the same pictures over and over. ha ha

Anyway for those who like to see the same pictures as the last few weeks keep scrolling.

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100 happy days - #082


100 happy days - #081

Fresh ink.

100 happy days - #080

Going home.


100 happy days - #078

Today this beauty came in the mail. Ebay Haul part 2 coming up!

100 happy days - #077

Hard work.

This week I have to switch the lay-out of the shop. Pretty fun work to do but you get covered dirt all the time.

100 happy days - #076


Kind, funny, sweet, beautiful people on DT forum. Nothing but love. They make my day.


Dread update week #14

Nothing really changed this week maybe they shrunk a little. I want them to grow and I know they're growing because I need to dye my hair again but it doesn't feel like they're getting longer. I quite liked the early weeks where change was the rule rather than the exception.

We went to the gym today and after getting home and taking a shower I took these pictures. I almost forgot how I  love to exercise and how good you feel afterwards. I'm working mostly on my arms because they felt a bit flabby and with my new tat I want them to look more toned. Anyway, that's why I'm wearing glasses.

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eBay Haul

So I bought some stuff the past months that I want to share with you.
Wanna see what I purchased?
Scroll on!!!

US $11.99

Hamsa hand necklace
US $4.99
Seller: jian_z1966168

Faceted Pendants
US $2.99
Buy here.

Flower plugs (pair)
US $2.46
Buy here.

Plain plugs (pair)
US $1.81
Seller: beadsgood

Hooks (pair)
US $3.60

Phones cases for my HTC one.
US $4.99
Seller: goldroc
Buy here.

Other cases
$ Bid

Hope you like this as much as I do.
And there's even more to come my way, so there will be a sequel by then.
Hugs! ❤

Tatatataaaa a sequel is here!

100 happy days - #072

New t-shirt.
This was inside the package I showed earlier. ;) Confetti!!

100 happy days - #071

Chinese jokes.
This package contains a t-shirt. ha ha

100 happy days - #070



My sleeve, part two.

Last Friday I went to BlackWolf Tattoo for my second tattoo appointment. This time my colleague joined me because her tattoo needed a touch-up. I had so much fun again, and it makes me kinda sad that my arm isn't any bigger. ha ha This time he added a mandala on my shoulder, a geometric design on empty spaces near the fox and he started with shading. It hurt less than the previous time, at least I think it hurt less or maybe you'll get a bit used to the feeling. I guess it's a bit of both. Especially the part on the back of my arm I didn't feel much, I lay on my tummy and because that's my sleeping position I felt a little sleepy.
The part that did hurt a bit was around my armpit. It is such a weird feeling and you feel it all in different parts of your body. This time I lay still for around 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Enough talk, i'll show you some pictures!

The black parts are getting lighter eventually. I can't wait till next time, I'm so curious how the other parts turn out. For now I'm extremely happy with the result. 
If you are curious about what happened the previous time, click here.
And if you are interested in the artists Instagram, click here.

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Edit: If you want to see what happened the third time click here.


Dread update week #13

Not much has changed since last week. So I'll keep it brief. My fringe is slowly dreading on a natural way, super slowly dreading, ha ha like 1 knot in a week or so. It's getting a bit warmer where I live and I'm wondering if and how that's going to affect the locking up process. I can't wait till we get to the beach and swim in the ocean and my hair is all salty and dry.

Last week I said I would take a few close up pictures. Here they are. 

My oldest one, I lost count but I think this dread is around 7 months old.

My second oldest dread, got it a bit later than the first one.

And some random ones.


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