DIY - Melting Crayons

Melting Crayons. I've always wanted to give that DIY a try. I've seen it so many times flew by on Pinterest but never tried it and now was the time that I thought let's do this. But I wanted it differently because I'm already tired of the rainbows that you see coming by so many. My love for Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess aka LSP played a huge key role in this tutorial and so I chose for purple and pink. Little did I know that the purple turned out blue. ha ha

I searched for LSP on google pics and found a pic of LSP's head. I traced the star on her forehead because it's not a symetrical star and at that point I still wanted it to be perfect ;)
In word I typed "Lump Off" and chose a sans serif font. Print it out and cut it.

Align the letters and glue them on the desired position. Use glue that is dissolvable, mine wasn't and a few bits didn't come off. What I also didn't do was strengthen the letters with cardboard. The hot crayons went right through the paper. When the glue is dry you can cut your crayons so that they won't move around so much. After that you are good to go. Use a blow dryer on the hottest stand. And when the crayon is a little melting you can hold the blow dryer tilted so that the crayons can move around to create lines. I also created elevated sides of old pizza boxes because at that point I didn't figured it out that I could easily cut a flat side on each crayon.

My paper letters didn't come off  so this is picture of me scraping off the excess. For extra impact I painted the star and letters and outlined it black.

Useful tips:

  • test your crayon colors
  • use cardboard for the letters
  • use glue that is dissolvable
  • cut the crayons with one flat edge so they don't move around so much

Anyway I still had fun despite everything that went wrong.
Oh my glob!,
Lump off! ❤

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