My sleeve, part three.

Two week have passed and my arm is fully healed so I went back to BlackWolf Tattoo for my third appointment with the extremely talented Dave. I must say I felt a bit sad that is was the third time already. I couldn't fully enjoy the jokes that were made though they were quite amusing. But immediately after we started the majority of those feelings were gone. Because at that moment I realized I have another arm. ha ha

This time he continued with the shading, which took a while. And after that he started with the dotwork inside the mandala on my shoulder. I watched it a while and the technique is really cool to look at. All those tiny dots, so cute. It didn't hurt at all this time I only felt it inside my armpit a bit. Also the healing time gets shorter every time I go which is a big plus if you ask me, I can't stand the itchiness. I can't remember exactly when he began but it was around 1 and stopped at 6 so that makes a smashing score of 5 hours.

I'm so excited for next time and I'm very curious how the foxy lady will turn out.
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Till next time,
Hugs! ❤

Edit: If you want to see the fourth time, click here.


  1. Omg hij is echt zo gaaf!!!! Ik vind het zo vet! Door jou wil ik ook een sleeve. Wauw!


    1. Thanks Sharrel!!!
      Ik ben zo benieuwd naar wat jij zou nemen!


  2. Heel erg mooi! Mag je zeker trots op zijn :)