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  • Hema Nailpolish nr. 17
  • Hema Nailpolish Brilliant With Diamond Powder nr. 10


Cheap Monday and H&M Haul

I couldn't hold myself back, I had to splurge. Money was burning in my pockets. And so I went to cheapmonday.com and they have a huge sale going on. And because of my old jeans who was sadly cut in half by an unfortunate accident on Graspop I had to repurchase. It's the first jeans from the left. It fits me like a dream, high waisted what actually is a normal waist for me and very stretchy. The tops were too cheap to pass up, so they ended up in my cart as well. H&M speaks for itself, grab it while you can because there's a huge chance it won't be there the next day.

Top Black   €7,-
Jeans Blue   €30,-
Top White   €11,-
Jeans Grey   €30,-

Scarf   €7,99
Cardigan Leopard   €12,95
Top   €4,99 with 30% off so it was €3,49
Cardigan Zebra   €19,95
Scrunchies   €3,99


My sleeve, part five.

Almost done! The only part that needs work, is my armpit and that's getting done in two weeks. I can't prescribe how happy I am with the result. It is magic to me how something that was inside of my head for the past years is now actually on my arm. My tattooer Dave does an amazing job in knowing what I want and how to combine the elements and styles together. I'm really glad I found him because there aren't many tattooers that are skilled enough in this particular style in my country. At least not that I know of. There should be a internet database of tattooers if you ask me. We'll call it ITDb.com ;)

My fox has its fur! Dave began with placing a stencil of the pattern inside the fox. He traced it with dots and lines. Still bleeding on the pic below. Once that was completed he filled the geometric shapes on the back of my arm. After that my fox got his shading.
I don't know exactly how long this session took we had a break in between and I lost track of time. I think it was somewhere around 4 to 5 hours.

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Dread update week #19

No changes this week so no need for me yapping bout nothing.
Love ya to the moon and back! ❤

Rainy nights


Dread update week #18

I gave them a fresh henna touch up and brushed an inch of the tips out. They still have the habit of folding themselves over and I like to be ahead of when that happens. I have two well formed neglect dreads that used to be my fringe but there's still some loose hair around the outline of my face. I don't mind that, I think it looks very feminine and soft that way.

When I tilt my head back you see a nice gradient effect but when I don't it just looks like a giant mess with a variety of colors. I don't know how I got that gradient effect in the first place cause I never bleached it in the past. Weird cause I don't spend a lot of time in the sun as you can see. I never liked the summer anyway, burns my skin instantly and I hate being sweaty all the time.
My favorite season is autumn with the beautiful color scheme and rainstorms, that's when mother nature is at her best, if you ask me.


What is you favorite season?
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