Dread update week #18

I gave them a fresh henna touch up and brushed an inch of the tips out. They still have the habit of folding themselves over and I like to be ahead of when that happens. I have two well formed neglect dreads that used to be my fringe but there's still some loose hair around the outline of my face. I don't mind that, I think it looks very feminine and soft that way.

When I tilt my head back you see a nice gradient effect but when I don't it just looks like a giant mess with a variety of colors. I don't know how I got that gradient effect in the first place cause I never bleached it in the past. Weird cause I don't spend a lot of time in the sun as you can see. I never liked the summer anyway, burns my skin instantly and I hate being sweaty all the time.
My favorite season is autumn with the beautiful color scheme and rainstorms, that's when mother nature is at her best, if you ask me.


What is you favorite season?
Thanks for dropping by!
Hugs, ❤


  1. I really like how it's turning out! Summer is my least favorite season. I burn easily too and sweating just isn't for me. The weather where I live gets really hot and humid. Winter and fall are my favorite seasons. :)


  2. Thanks Sarah!
    I can't wait till it's that time of year again with hot coco and blankets. So hot here right know, Nelly would totally agree.