My sleeve, part four.

Despite my immobility I still managed to get to the tattoo shop again. The boyfriend and I went together this time and I'm very glad he wanted to join me. We parked in a garage and thought we could use the elevator because I was in a wheelchair, sadly to get to the elevator we had to walk a stairway to get there. Only when you're in a wheelchair yourself you realize how unfriendly this world is for the disabled. I do am so grateful for my functioning body parts now, so that's a win.

This time Dave began with the dotwork part inside my elbow and when that was finished he shaded the outer part of the mandala. Later on he did the same with the mandala on the inside of my upper arm. Lastly the geometric shapes got dotwork in it. My mom said the design of the geometric shapes is called Innercity, she knew this because she once made a quilt of it. She's right. I googled it. Ha ha

This session took around 4 and half hours. The picture's my boyfriend took right after weren't sharp enough so I'm sorry if my skin is a bit flaky. I really wanted to show you guys the progress.
I'm so glad, I'm doing a happy dance mentally. Yay!

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Till next time,
Hugs! ❤

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