Dread update week #24

Because there wasn't that much progression I thought it would be nicer to do monthly posts instead of weekly, so that's what I'm going to do from now on.
The shrinking stopped and I feel my dreads are getting longer again. Woohoo to that. Not that I'm worried all the time, no it's really the opposite now. I sometimes forget that I have dreads. I have been anxious in the past of the shrinking but now I don't even think about them at all. They're just there. Chilling.

Maybe I'll find some beautiful wooden beads on vacay to decorate my dreads. We're going to Tuscany in Italy soon and I can't wait. I really need a vacation. This past half year have been insanely busy for me, with my full-time job, the blog, the gym and getting my tattoo done. Wonderful and exciting but a little too hectic.

How was your holiday?
I love to hear from you guys!




  1. Ooh how exciting. I've never followed along with the process of dreading before. Super cool. Love the color of your hair! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  2. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing! I just followed you and would love if you please follow me back on bloglovin' www.twentiesandfabulous.com