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Tuscany Trip - Day 4 "Vinci"

Streets of Vinci the city where Leonardo da Vinci was born 
and where we visited two museums of him.

Mimmo Paladino 
"Una piazza per Leonardo"
"A square for Leonardo"

Tiny mirrors.

Various mosaics.

Overview of the square.

Platonic shape.

With a head.

Intriguing shapes.

And even more sides were added.

Mario Ceroli.

View from the tower at the museum of Leonardo da Vinci.

View of me.

Slush Puppy!

Tuscany Trip - Day 3 "Chill"

On our third day we did literally nothing.


Tuscany Trip - Day 2 "Cinque Terre & Isola Santa"

Beautiful view.

On the road to the little villages.

Amazing terrace cultivation.

I think this is Riomaggiore.


Too cute, we had a lunch at this lovely terrace.

Quiet little town.

Rocky 1.


Rocky 2.

Isola Santa.

Green blue water.

Is it a house or a forest, or both, I can't tell.

Living stone wall.

So shiny.

Even shinier.

May I live in there?


I've never seen such a magical place before.