Tuscany Trip - Day 5 "Lucca"

Laundry day.

Waiting for the train to come, lasted at least 20 minutes.

And if you crossed the railway you're dead, so everyone did it anyway. Ha ha

You can't park here.

About an hour later we arrived in Lucca.

With the great Duomo called San Martino.

Beautiful colonnades.

And great windows.

  I love windows.

Which passes the light in a magically way.

Narrow streets.

A hint of France. How cute is this Ladurée cart.

The street around Piazza dell'Anfitheatro.

Another narrow street.

A shop at Piazza dell'Anfitheatro which was build on the remainings of a amphitheater.

Old and new windows. I which I could take them home 
but it's to cold for that here and we have bigger windows.

Many locals have vegetable gardens on their balcony's and rooftops.

Did I already told you how much I love windows?

We should do this more in my country. 
Just fill your balcony with a shitload of plants 
and it immediately looks much cooler.


  1. I returned a week ago from my vacation to Lucca.
    While scrolling through this post it felt like I was there again. Thanks! :)

    1. Woah that's really cool and why I'm showing these pictures.
      Thank you!!

  2. That's some really tiny laundry!