Tuscany Trip - Day 8 "Siena"

The narrow streets of Siena.

Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta.

Amazing mosaics.

Why doesn't she have a mouth?

And why does she have 3 faces?

The most colorful ceiling I've ever seen.

"Lupa che allatta Romolo e Remo"
The wolf is the symbol of Siena and refers to the mythological tale 
of the city’s foundation by Senius and Aschius, who were the sons of Remus.

Piazza del Campo. View at the Pallazo Pubblico and the Fonte Gaia on our left.

The giant clock on the Torre del Mangia.

We visited the Pinacoteca Nazionale, the following pictures were taken inside. When seeing all those paintings I always imagine them talking, I'll write down what I thought below the pictures.

"Freaky foot."

"I'm with stupid."

"Want some apple?"

"Ugh, great, that was my Brunello"


"Horny little angel in the corner."


  1. Wauw die foto van de roos is er mooi en de laatste foto ook! :)

  2. Fabulous photographs. I love your comments too, they made me giggle!