Crazy Factory Haul

Some of you may have noticed I downsized my lobes to 6 mm. I just took them out on holiday and put the smaller ones back in when I was back in Holland. I really like this size and how it looks, not too big, not too small and you can still see through them. Anyway I only had 2 pair and a taper in this size so I had to buy a few pairs more off course ;) All items bought on crazy-factory.com.

Dreads In Motion

Een video die is geplaatst door Eveline (@evedreadss) op


Club du Vin

Every few months my lovely friend Nadien who I have known for forever organizes a wine tasting evening for friends. She's been doing that since 2011 and it's always a good time. 


Seven Sins | Beauty Blogger Style

In my trip to Tuscany I was tagged by Floor do the Seven Sins Beauty Blogger Style Tag. I totally forgot and now 11 weeks later I suddenly remembered, so let's do this! Thanks for tagging me Floor, I love tags!