Seven Sins | Beauty Blogger Style

In my trip to Tuscany I was tagged by Floor do the Seven Sins Beauty Blogger Style Tag. I totally forgot and now 11 weeks later I suddenly remembered, so let's do this! Thanks for tagging me Floor, I love tags!

Luxuria | Lust
Which item is on top of your Wishlist?
Urban Decay - The Naked Vault

Gula | Gluttony
Which brand is most common in your stash?
Probably Essence, nail polishes included.

Avaritia | Greed
What is the most expensive item from your stash?
My MAC lipsticks. Or my MAC gold eye shadow quad that I put together.

Acedia | Laziness
Which product do you dare to forget out of laziness?
Foundation, after living my half life with problematic skin, i'm very pleased with how my skin looks now. It also feels like I'm clogging my pores when I put it on. When I know that somebody is going to take a picture with flash of me on a party or something I'll put it on though.

Ira | Rage
With what product you have a love / hate relationship?
Eyeliner, I hate to apply it but it looks so good!

Invidia | Jealousy
What product / item is great on others, but terrible on yourself?
Lipstick on my upper lip. Horrible.

Superbia | Pride
Which product ensures that you feel better?
Mascara, Perfume, rich soap.

Feel free to use this tag, I loved answering these questions.
Thanks again Floor!


  1. Yaay leuk dat je hem toch nog hebt gedaan! <3

    1. Ik vond het hartstikke leuk om in te vullen!